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Holidays on Nyquil

This time last year I was getting on my finest party togs and heading in to Portland to spend New Year's Eve with two beautiful blonds - one of whom I happened to be happily married to. This year I'm sitting at home in a pile of used tissues in a semi-hallucinatory state brought on by a low grade fever from the head cold Santa saw fit to give me for Christmas, while the aforementioned beautiful blonds went off without me. The hallucinations are worse because of my tendency to consume anything in the medicine cabinet even remotely related to relieving cold symptoms when I get sick. I call it the berserker approach to cold management.  It's left me constipated for the last 4 days and there's a good chance my liver is about to fail from all the acetaminophen I didn't notice I was gulping down in all the expired Dayquil I found in the back of the bathroom closet. It's a good thing I don't get sick very often. Three days of this and I look like I'm in the fin