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Oregon 24: Still Bike Racing

My bike. At the finish. I don't know where I am. I think this is my 3rd attempt to explain that I really am still racing my bike. I've written enough about racing that it just didn't seem important to talk about it any more. But I got thinking about how much I enjoyed Chainbreaker, Sister's Stampede, and Alsea Falls and I thought that warranted some comment. Sister's Stampede was especially memorable. I've always had a love/hate relationship with that one. Some years I do great. Other years I can't get into the groove and the first half's uphill rock gardens just kill me. This year started rough but I found some rhythm and actually finished a few minutes faster than a couple years ago. I also came down a technical section and passed a bunch of novice riders who'd finished the short course and they all did the wave for me as I went by. That's never happened to me before. It was the nicest thing. One of those rare selfless tribal gestures tha