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Echo Red to Red: Racing as Clarity

I had intended to write in lurid detail about Echo Red to Red, this crazy race out in Eastern Oregon. It's the first race of the season, held in high desert mesa country south of Umatilla. Though the mesa country around here has only a few hundred feet of elevation gain, you go up and down that continually so it's an especially tough race with few places to recover. I had a blast and a good race but shortly after returning home, the world seemed to come unglued around us. America found itself engaged in another military adventure in the Mid-East. Elizabeth Taylor passed away, and Carolyn's cousin Gil, who's been a very close part of our West coast family as long as Carolyn and I have been together was diagnosed with what appears to be pretty aggressive lung cancer. That last event, of course stopped us in our tracks and our waking hours are filled with concern for him and fear of what we can't control. As a culture, we tend to frame cancer as a battle many of us