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Peak Weird

I figured out when I hit peak weird in 2016. I needed to wait until the end because the weird dial had already been turned to "11" by June and they just kept adding numbers after that. You might think any one of dozens of moments in the election might earn the title but for me, the single strangest event was barely noticed by anyone. Let me start by saying we've heard the sound of machine gun fire in our mountains as long as we've lived here. Not someone with an assault rifle squeezing off rounds as fast as they can; I mean "hold the trigger down until the clip is empty" automatic weapon fire like you hear in the movies, or you know, a war. Machine guns are tools of war, generally grouped with grenades and rocket launchers - things that shouldn't be part of a peaceful country's daily life. It's a federal crime to possess a machine gun without a staggering amount of background checks and licensing. Years ago, my brother took Carolyn and me to a