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Echo Red to Red Round 4 - The Wind Edition

"Right now, this is worse than childbirth." This according to my sister, who imparted this truth to a course marshal while laying on the ground - having actually fallen off her bike with crippling leg cramps with only about 3 miles to go in this 22 mile bike race. While Mallory was down for the count at the aid station, Joe was laying in the first aid tent at the finish line with his heart rate stuck at over 200 bpm as a result of his arrhythmia kicking in 30 minutes into the race. Just another family outing... I'm not, strictly speaking, in the doghouse with my family for convincing them that this was a fun race to do. Joe's team decided to do it without any input from me.  I don't think I ever said to my sister: "Mallory, you should totally do this race. It's just your kind of course. 17 miles of twisty single track filled with quarter mile climbs and rocky descents in the middle of the Oregon desert with no trees anywhere. It's so you ! Y