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New Year's Day 2012

Looking out at the Pearl District cityscape that didn't exist when we moved here in 1988, I'm thinking about how much of where we live and how we live is of our own making. This neighborhood used to be an industrial district and a hub for the Burlington Northern railroad. I used to drive over the Lovejoy viaduct past the engine house and turntable at one end of the freight yard. This loft I'm sitting in used to be a warehouse. Then it had a Gold's Gym in it. I used to lift weights downstairs. All of that is gone, or at least morphed into something that better meets the needs of the present. It's New Year's day 2012. Carolyn and I ended our 10 year tradition of spending the night at home with a garden hose waiting for our neighbors to do something stupid with fireworks. They haven't burned anything down yet and have even managed to put on a couple of good displays over the years. No, it was time to stop fretting and go do some celebrating. This ye