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Fat 55: An Eight Hour Teachable Moment

I'm looking out the living room window at the freight train that is Fall in Oregon. It plowed into us last night around 10pm with high winds and now some rain. If I was inclined to anthropomorphise the weather I would say this was something of a kindness as it held off the twelve hours needed to compete in the Oakridge Fat 55, the last, and toughest race of the season. It was sunny and warm in Oakridge and I wish I could say I had a great race but it went bad early, around mile 20 when I found myself hung up in tree branches with my bike on top of me, having overshot a switchback and gone over the edge of the hillside that was decidedly cliff-like in that particular section. Any race where you end up suspended in tree branches with your bike on top of you is a race that's gone bad. I didn't really know it then. I was too busy trying to get out of the tree and back on my bike before someone saw me. I soldiered on and actually looked pretty good at the halfway point but

A Beautiful Heart

Last month was "Let's touch base with everyone who's given me an anal probe" month. Seriously, it was. It's been a year since my last visit with the urologist and I was due for a physical with my regular doctor. It's actually really convenient blocking it all at the same time. Only one trip to the lab for blood work. I was a little disappointed that nobody did the digital rectal exam. I thought maybe one for old time's sake; just so I could prove that I still have no problem surrendering my dignity. I'm a big boy now! Nope, just checking the heart, lungs, eyes and nice chats with the people who took care of me. I guess that's what happens when you're a success story. The cancer hasn't come back. My weight is down. I'm fit. For a Kind of Old Guy, I look pretty good. It was good to see Mandy and Dr. Eriksen again. We mostly talked around me. We talked about our vacations, we talked about Gil and how fast cancer took him away. We tal