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I didn't like "Hornings Hustle" much the first time I raced it. I was about 10lbs heavier and really suffered. I had just learned I needed a prostate biopsy and, after the race, a friend came up to me and said: "I just heard you're getting a prostate biopsy. Those really hurt!" Setting aside my lack of fitness and my associating the race with painful anal probes, I still didn't care much for it. It's a multi-lap cloverleaf course and I just don't like racing laps. My inner old school boy racer prefers to get somewhere in a race, preferably with some nice scenery, a few fire road climbs, and a sense that you are a little bit better informed about where you are riding when the race is done. This race takes place in a private compound called "Hornings Hideaway". It looks like people have actually been hiding there. There are abandoned vehicles slowly rusting into the forest floor. There are houses with lots of blue tarps and random addit