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In Spite of it All...

 I haven't written in ages. I know. I'm not alone. Everything I try to write pales in the face of the reality of the world we live in now.  It's horrible Until it wasn't. At least for a little while. I finally had something to tell you about. It was the most beautiful day.  East Gauntlet Trail Last Sunday I rode with my sister and her friend Elizabeth at Elm Ridge in the northern Catskills. I've ridden here a few times and the last time the leaves were beginning to change and I though I should drag them out of the lower Hudson valley to get a bit of leaf peeping in on their new, wretchedly expensive mountain bikes. The three of us had been riding together for the last couple months. We're a good match. I'm probably a better technical rider but they are both stronger than I am. It's a good mix of push and challenge. My sister would nip at my heels all the way up a climb and Elizabeth, who's the biologist for the Mohonk trust would just tal