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Echo Red to Red - Prelude

I woke up Saturday morning about 7am feeling fresh and surprisingly rested for my 5th start of Echo Red to Red. This was somewhat surprising considering I had woken up in the back of a Subaru Outback on an air mattress and had done so after riding 14 hard miles on Friday, despite the fact that the race wasn't until Saturday. I had also consumed, not 10 hours earlier, a really pretty bad steak dinner that that should have left me with gastrointestinal consequences probably not too dissimilar to what I might have had from eating a raw woodchuck. I was also waking up with the dregs of a nasty cold. As a consequence,  I hadn't ridden my bike in three weeks and had only managed three half hour sessions on the trainer in the last two. I couldn't escape the nagging feeling that I shouldn't feel this good. I had resigned myself to a rough race because I was undertrained and sick . I was also worried because this race is tough even on the best days. I had also bumped myself