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Sisters Stampede - Thinking Fast and Slow

In the starting chute. I know exactly where I am. This didn't last. It's 3:30 in the morning after the Sisters Stampede race. Raps is napping behind me on the sofa. Eber is sitting in the hall staring at me trying to use some kind of feline hypnosis to get me to do something. I have no idea if it's working. Ink is in the other room playing murder in the dark. I can't sleep, so I thought I'd write a bit about this book I'm reading called "Thinking Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel winning psychologist.  He's challenged the traditional model of rational thinking by breaking that process into two systems that he rather unimaginatively describes as "System One" and "System Two". System One is the part of our minds that makes quick decisions based on past experience, expected outcomes, intuition and faith. System Two is the part of your mind that balances the checkbook. It's not fast but it's capable of assembl

Spring Thaw 2012: Things Change

May 19th Carolyn and I headed down to Ashland for the Spring Thaw cross country race. I've written about this race a few times over the years. It was my first race after a 12 year break. It was during the following year's race that we settled on my cancer treatment. We stay at my sister's up in the Greensprings and whatever life event is going on, attending this race is like coming home. This year was no different. Actually, that's not really true. It's a bit different every year - this year perhaps more than others. The first big change was the venue. Since the 1980's this race has started and finished at the band shell in Lithia Park. This year the race started at the top of the park after the road turned to dirt. This was ostensibly for the safety of the riders but since this race has run from the middle of the park for 20 years without any major mishap, the move was more likely a result of growing tension between cyclists, park users, and residents.While s

Cascade Chainbreaker: Getting Dirty and Getting Faster

Last Sunday I headed off to Bend for the Cascade Chainbreaker. It snowed all through last year's race. Absolutely lovely but miserable for the poor spectators and volunteers. Carolyn paid her dues last year and decided that turning over the garden was a better thing to do so she stayed home this time. This year it was in the 80's and dusty beyond belief. The dust coated everything even before the race and by the end of the race it had covered all those bits of everything that you had forgotten about when you thought it had covered everything before. Yes, I drank out of this bottle. It tasted great. If that disgusts you, please consider that I looked like this at the end of the race: Pretty nasty. It got worse as you panned down but I'll spare you that. Disgusting is a matter of perspective. Especially when you are really thirsty and just as filthy as the bottle you are drinking from. I was going to tell you what happened when the dust settled, but the dust never s