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Thoughts on Home

I’m sitting on the bed in the guest bedroom at my in-laws in Waterford. The bedroom is about 8’ along from where the house begins to slope toward the canal, dropping about a quarter of an inch per foot as you walk toward the back of the house. The house has been sloping long enough that doors and windows have been trimmed and re-trimmed to continue to work as the slope gradually increased over the years. The slope begins as you enter the dining room. Two decades of meals here have been punctuated by oft-repeated stories about having to dam up gravy with mashed potatoes to keep it from running off the plate. They eat a lot of bananas here largely because it’s one of the few fruits that won’t roll away when you set it on the table. Yesterday, while Merle and Catherine were at a GE retiree’s luncheon, Carolyn and I took over the sloping kitchen in their sloping house. Though she still bakes quite a bit, at 88, Catherine doesn’t cook much anymore and it felt good

Dave Grey - Founding Father of Single Speed Racing

It's early October and while my friends are getting their cowbell on with cyclocross, I'm waiting for my flight to NY for the HiEdWeb conference followed by a visit with family. Since I have some time on my hands with a computer in front of me for the next few weeks, I thought I'd follow through on a promise I made to Tom Keller to scan and publish some of my old photos from my racing days back in the 80's and 90's. I found one in particular that has some historic value. We were quite a sight back then. Day-glo lycra, really large goggles,toe clips, thumb shifters, no suspension, and races that were run largely on dirt roads and double track. There was also a dizzying sense of being caught up in something new. Companies were experimenting. Bikes were changing, it was all evolving. Everyone knew the bikes could be better and everyone was tinkering trying to figure out how. My first race was the then famous Revenge of the Siskiyous. In July of 1987 I lined up on