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Going Home

We have news. I'm taking early retirement from Linfield and Carolyn and I are moving back to NY next Summer. That's a relief. I'm glad I got that out there. I suppose some explanation is in order. OK, maybe a lot. This will take a few posts but here's the run-up. A few days before Thanksgiving, Linfield offered early retirement packages to college staff of a certain age. Being of that certain age, I was given a severance offer. My initial response was "It's too little, too soon." Both those things were true. But. We had been talking about moving East for some time. So we tried it on over the holidays. While we were wearing it around, we were able to sort of detach ourselves from the habit of living here and be honest with ourselves about how we felt about it. The truth is, we're in a rut. We're bored and we're lonely and we want to go home. NY is home. Always was. Now that my sister has moved back there and Maddie is living in Color