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We're back from Sicily. I had planned on blogging the trip as we went. Enough of our friends have traveled to Italy that a few might actually have kept up with our journey. Sadly, internet was a bit dodgy in most of the places we traveled. It was either not there at all, heavily secured, or unavailable even where access was advertised because every building in Sicily has 2' thick stone or concrete walls. Not a wifi friendly place. It might be for the best. Honestly, as I look over our pictures and think about the trip, it comes off as rather repetitive. Temple, photo of the two of us taken with camera at arm's length, B&B room, Negronis, wine, repeat. That's not to say the trip wasn't wonderful. It was. It was just... different. When you read about Sicily, you end up reading books that are long uncertain ruminations about what Sicily is . We know what Italy is: "Cradle of the Renaissance", "Seat of Imperial Roman Power", "Seat of Cath

Echo Oregon to Trapani Sicily - Funny sort of week...

Last Saturday was the 2nd annual Echo Red to Red bike race. I decided to drag my flabby winter body out to the other side of the state to see how it felt to race again. The course is over high desert country up and down a low series of mesas on 17 miles of well maintained single track. Last year the race drew about 175 riders and was held about two weeks earlier. It was snowing coming into town but the freezing rain held off until the end of the race. Despite the weather, hypothermia, and nearly five hour drive, I loved it. The course totally thrashed everyone. I cramped up about a third of the way into the race and really struggled just to finish. It's one of the few races where I've felt like I just wanted to stop riding and rest. This year race day was sunny and in the 60's. It felt great to leave the jackets, booties, wool hat and winter gloves behind. No really, I looked like Ralphie's brother Randy in "A Christmas Story" - I couldn't put my arms dow