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Back in the Saddle

The downside to hijacking one's own blog to dwell on cancer is that, at a certain point, there's not much left to write about. There could be bad reasons for that - like you're dead. There could be good reasons too. The latter is certainly the case for me. My last appointment with my PA on December 11th went great. There was so little to go over we spent most of the appointment looking at pet pictures on each other's smart phones. My PA levels are undetectable which means the cancer is as gone as cancer gets. This is the dream outcome. I'm keenly aware of how lucky I am. Ironically, I have two friends who have developed much more serious cancers in the last year. Both are blogging - All About Matt and Troy Hemmerling's Blog at CaringBridge. Both are excellent, informative reads and Matt and Troy could both could use all the good wishes you can give. My entire treatment was easier than any of the individual steps they've had to go through just to get rea