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Travels with Joe

Considering the tone of my last two posts, I want to make it absolutely clear that my former brother-in-law Joe is not dead or losing his mind. I think he's skiing today. Unfortunately, he does have cancer, and it's quite serious. If you're thinking "Oh, well, if he's skiing it can't be that bad" I would just tell you that standing and moving are the least painful things he can do right now and if you're in pain all the time, you might as well go skiing. I've had cancer. It was frightening. It was humiliating. There were adult diapers involved. There were catheters in unpleasant places. Don't get me started on the anal probes. Compared to what Joe is going through, my journey was a pleasant Oxycontin fog filled with cool robots, leg massages, and lovely, caring nurses. We're all worried of course.  If you've been around Carolyn and me, we've told you we're worried. We've told you many times. You might wonder why we car