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Things I've Seen

Saturday I did my first trip of the year around the Mill Creek Loop. It's a bit over 32 miles of logging roads. I've lost count of the number of times I've done it or variations on it. I find the repetition soothing and familiar. Most of the rest of the world would find it intolerably dull. Still, I'm the audience and ringmaster of my own circus. I know how to keep myself entertained. This trip, crossing the last white gate before re-connecting with pavement I saw this: This is, or was, the first house after leaving the Mill Creek Main Line. It was, it turns out, a planned burn. I know the place was occupied last fall so I'm guessing this is the first step in a fairly significant home remodel. It's pretty common to burn houses down out here ahead of building something new. Getting the local fire departments involved gives them some much needed practice and helps keep things from getting out of hand. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely. I was