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The Morning After

I should apologize up front to my conservative friends and family who don't expect me to wax political here but I'm not going to. I left my wife in tears in bed this morning over the election results. I wish I could have joined her but I had to go to work. I left her with a cup of coffee and a cat. I thought I might get some traction with a pussy grabbing metaphor but I'm afraid I wasn't much help cheering her up. She was crying for a lot of things. She was crying because her parents, both in their 90's lived to see this. They are both big Hillary fans. Her mom read an essay to her women's study group this summer in praise of her. She did that in Waterford NY, one of the oldest towns in America and so conservative, there has never been a Democratic party presence there. She knew it wouldn't go over well but she read it anyway. It was an incredibly brave thing to do. We wanted that bravery to be validated. America wanted an incompetent, failed huckster fo