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Home Improvement

So, it's been a funny kind of year. In a strange way, we've sort of rolled back the clock and after years of bike racing and jetting around Europe, we've reinvested ourselves in taking care of this place where we live. You have to understand, unless you're content to live in a bombed out double wide surrounded by garbage, it takes a lot of work to live out here. Things wears things down pretty quickly when your house is in the middle of a field in the middle of the mountains with no erosion barriers, curbs, sidewalks, asphalt, all those things that slow down Nature's need to move things downhill and out to sea. Nobody's going to fix this house or this land for us unless we're ready to shell out some serious money and we're not going to do that on account of we don't have any. The good news is, or was, this is a pretty well made house. 1997, 2x6 walls, vinyl insulated windows, oak floors (downstairs) and a positively 19th century brick chimney. It