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Memory Races

So this last weekend I went out and did the Chainbreaker in Bend. I finished third from last. Again. It was the kind of finish that might compel you to wait for your wife to go to bed so you could put some Field Report or maybe Sarah McClachlan on the stereo, pour yourself a glass of a nice single malt, and stare at the dying embers in the wood stove wondering why you show up at all for these things. You would think that. But you would be wrong.  You would be wrong because I'm not a night person and I always go to bed before Carolyn, even on the worst days.  You would be wrong because I don't drink whiskey much any more.  Mostly you would be wrong because, at this race in particular, all that palaver about finding different reasons to race as I seem to get slower really had meaning. As much as I want to write something funny or sad it was neither of those things.  There's been an overarching oddness to racing this year. I've done two 5k runn