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In spite of, or perhaps because of Gil's sudden death, I've been packing in as many races as I can and I'm actually having fun. I promised myself I'd do two new ones this year so after Mudslinger, I went out to Bend for the Cascade Chainbreaker and a month later, back over to Sisters for the Sister's Stampede. In between I squeezed in the Spring Thaw down in Ashland. I've had strong mid pack finishes in most of them and I had a great time racing in all of them. I suppose it was my way of thumbing my nose at Fate for taking someone away so dear to us. Sure, life comes to an end for everyone, but in the meantime, I'm going to go out there and race my flabby alcoholic heart out just because I can. I'm strong, smart, and I can put the hurt on people half my age and I'm going to enjoy it when I do!  Then my bike frame broke. It wasn't even a spectacular break, the kind that gets you free beer after you've limped to the finish bloody, bruis