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Some Thoughts about Life, Death, and my Brother

  Me, by brother and my sister watching "The Odyssey" I started this blog in 2006 and restarted it in May of 2009 just prior to being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Since I'm still writing in it, suffice to say the cancer thing worked out OK for me. In the intervening years this has been a place to write about losing mountain bike races, wrestling with misbehaving appliances, travels to far away places, and time shared with friends and family, often with a great deal of humor.  Increasingly, it has also been about loss.  As the years went by, my posts have grown sadder as the moments of laughter and gratitude have been crowded out by that loss. You hang around life long enough and the numbers catch up with you. The funny posts have been replaced by eulogies for friends and family who died before their times.  I've been writing less because I don't want to write about losses or struggles of people I care about. I've tried going back to appliances and

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