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The Oregon24 - Magic and Dust

Last weekend I raced the Oregon 24 mountain bike race solo. Most people do this as part of a team so my insistence on riding it alone was widely considered a stupid thing to do. Physically I'm ok, but let's face it: peak fitness has left the building. Even if I was in top form, doing 10.5 mile loops for 24 hours sounds like the definition of madness. In some ways it was. Riding the same trail over and over, you get to recognize every single hill, turn, rock, tree. All those little details become your world. When a branch fell in the trail, it was a topic of conversation with my fellow racers until the time we came around again and it had been knocked out of the way. About 7 laps in, I thought a bike was coming toward me. My headlamp had reflected off a disco mirror ball hanging in a tree. I had passed it 6 times, never noticed it. How do you not notice a disco ball hanging in a Ponderosa pine in the middle of nowhere? I spent the remainder of the race wondering what else I wa