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I'm Sponsored and I Have No Brakes!

About two weeks ago I got sick again, catching a bug Carolyn caught a week earlier. This cold has a couple of distinguishing features. It caused a low fever that left both Carolyn and I sapped of any energy to do anything. It also turned us both into mucous factories. You can't imagine how gross it's been around here. Soggy tissues cover every flat surface. Try and throw one away, two soggier ones appear to replace it. Right in the worst part of this snot-fest I got a call from Joe to let me know that Sappo Hill Soapworks wants to sponsor me this year. My initial response was to cough half a lung up all over the phone, the coffee table and a cat that was walking by. I think Joe reflexively reached for the hand sanitizer down in Ashland. Once I was able to talk again, I asked if they remembered that I'm - oh, what's the term I'm looking for - oh yes,  really slow. I suppose this could be a clever way to increase their product exposure since I'll be out on th


This morning we took our beloved cat Maytag to the vet to be put to sleep. She was 20 years old. It was our deepest hope that she would end her life quietly at home. It was her misfortune to have the body of a frail, elderly, indoor cat with the metabolism of the Eveready Bunny. We got to calling her "Bunny" for that reason. She just kept getting more frail and rough looking but she kept eating and drinking and hauling herself around the house. She went blind in her right eye. She stopped cleaning herself. She started sleeping under the wood stove. Every week we'd think that she'd gone off to find a place to drift away. A few hours later she'd come back crying for food. She would go outside in the rain and we'd think "OK, this is it!" and five hours later she'd come back in. Zombie jokes abounded but they weren't really funny. Last night - as Carolyn and I sat with our glasses of wine and watched in horror as she stumbled into the livin