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Dinner en Blanc. Magic and Dust Part II

I usually write about mountain bike racing and cats. But because July was one of those months, a few weeks after getting all the dirt and dust off of my bike, my clothes and myself from the Oregon 24 , I found myself dressed in white, sipping champagne and having a lovely dinner. I was sitting at a white table with white plates and linens with my wife also adorned completely in white. We were seated next to  roughly 500 other people dressed in white. You might for a moment, think I had actually died during the Oregon 24 and was reporting this to you from the all-you-can eat buffet just inside the gates of Heaven. We were in fact, seated outside in an abandoned shipyard under the Ross Island Bridge on the outskirts of Portland which, on reflection, is equally improbable. But there we were. We had sparklers too. Dinner en Blanc , according to Wikipedia , is among the earliest examples of a "smart mob", a variance on a flash mob. It started in 1988 and has spread around t