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Spring Training

Every Year. Every. Single. Year. The weather does this thing. It's not snowing. It's not bitter cold. It's not even raining. It's ... snot outside. It's foggy, damp, 39 degrees and looks and smells like a wet dumpster out there. Walking to the car is about all the exercise I can muster. As I'm driving to get my gazillion calorie lunch, I passed by a homeless guy on a Walmart beater bike hauling a couple bags of empty cans. He's smoking a cigarette. He has more dexterity on a bike than me. He has way more base miles too. I suck. I say that too every year. And every year I haul on the tights, put the fenders on and lean into another winter of grinding up the ridge across the valley because that's what bad ass mountain bike racers do and I always feel better when I do it. Wait, no I don't. I feel like I've spent two hours pedaling in a dumpster. It's even green. This year, I've had enough. I'm breaking the habit. You can have