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The Rest of the Trip

Our first stop after Park City in Western Nebraska July 10th we loaded up our dirt and salt covered cars. We said goodbye to Anne and Chris and pulled out of the garage of their condo outside of Park City. We had a great time there and everyone was friendly and welcoming. I suspect some of their neighbors were happy to see us hit the road. At least their cars would stay cleaner. I had this feeling there was some static charge built up on our cars. It seemed like the ones next to ours began to look as dirty, like it was jumping from our cars to theirs. We ended up putting the Subaru in Chris' garage just to keep the dirt contained. We ramped on to I-80 heading East. We had been on the road for about 11 days and we picked up the pace, covering the rest of the country in about 4 days. We had planned to visit Zack and Maddie in Durango but they were out of the country. We were also feeling the pull of our new home. We wanted to get there and get settled. The term "flyove