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How Evan Plews Ruined my Life

Anyone who follows this blog or worse, has actually raced with me knows one great truth: I'm not terribly fast. Which is a bit of a setback if racing is the focus of your chosen sport. The point of racing is to be faster than everybody else. If you can't be faster than everybody else, well, you better be faster than everyone in your Category or your age group. If you're not faster than them, you better find a nice fantasy world where you can imagine you are faster than everybody else. My fantasy world is the mountains I live in. The Gooseneck and Mill Creek valleys, Dorn Peak, the lookout and the fire roads that connect them have been my haunt since my early explorations on my Bridgestone back in 2003. With the exception of occasional rides with Joe, Mallory and Maddie over the Holidays, I've had them pretty much to myself. Riding up the fire roads several times a week dropped 30 pounds off me, made me strong,  and gave me a place where I was King of the Mountain -

Test of Endurance - The Good Day Edition

Truman Capote said: "That isn't writing at all, that's typing". This is one of those posts. It's mostly for me because I want to remember how all this transpired when I'm too old to do it again. For those of you looking for something meaningful or funny, you can skip to the end. For those just tuning in, The Test of Endurance is a 50 mile mountain bike race run outside of Corvallis. Mike Ripley has been putting on this event for seven years. This was the last year for this course and distance. He's changing to different trails and distances next year. I haven't asked him why. Maybe with a 100 mile race and a 24 hour race in his season, it's one too many long events to promote. These must be a bear to put on. Multiple aid stations, longer distances and greater chances for rider injury make shorter, multi-lap events much more appealing.  Maybe endurance racing distances have grown to the point that a 50 mile "Test of Endurance" seems un