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The Web

I attended An Event Apart up in Seattle last week. It's a conference for web designers.  I apologize to my friends and especially my nephew Kyle for not looking you up while I was there. It was two very intense days - think 10 TED talks in a row on web design. It's not my usual HiEdWeb conference. That's a great one but I needed to change things up. This fit the bill. There wasn’t much free time; but I also just needed some time alone to think.  I’ve been writing the eulogy of my professional life for the last year or two. At 56, most of my working years are behind me. There’s no time left for a career pivot. Nobody’s going to hire an old school webmaster in their mid-50’s. What I do is being distributed among specialists now anyway. Nobody needs someone who can do a bit of css, a bit of php, some design and a bit of copy writing. That’s a recipe for mediocrity. Also, I have back hair. I’m fat. My knees hurt. It just gets worse from there. I can feel myself slidi


We were in NY visiting family for a couple weeks. It was Carolyn's dad's 93rd birthday and a chance for me to spend a little more time with mom. Carolyn's folks live in Waterford, a small canal town at the intersection of the Hudson and Mohawk rivers. It began as a trading outpost of the Dutch East India Company in the late 1600s. It's one of the oldest continuously incorporated towns in America. That's a remarkable thing considering its penchant for burning down and/or flooding. My in-laws have left their home in a boat more than once. My mother lives about 70 miles south on 16 acres  up in the Catskills. It's Washington Irving country and a favorite subject of the Hudson River School painters. There's a sort of haunted quality to these places; a feeling of a past that doesn't want to let go to an encroaching future. It's a feeling that resonates more this trip since they've begun clear cutting a large part of the mountain range across fro