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Sheep and Wool

Being a man in his mid fifties whose sole form of recreation involves shaving his legs and riding a bicycle around in the woods wearing brightly colored spandex, I have perhaps a bit more empathy for groups of like minded people whose shared enthusiasm for something might strike the rest of the world as a tad peculiar. Whither the face painting? I was grateful for that as I wandered around the Dutchess County Fairgrounds in upstate NY taking in the hand knit splendor that is The NY Sheep and Wool Festival - the Comic Con of the fiber arts world. We're back in NY for a visit. Carolyn is upstate with her family. I've been visiting mom. Mom was working at the festival doing demonstration weaving on an old barn frame loom in the Antique Village Museum. It was one of the quieter spots at the festival but there was a steady stream of people wandering through and she got to explain at length what she was doing. Since I'm pretty sure having your 56 year old so