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That New Bike Smell

Saturday I took a ride over the ridge to Mill Creek. It's a short loop with a fun, steep drop in off the ridge.  It wasn't much of a day. The sun didn't make it out and rain was moving onshore. Heading out, it felt like riding in a cold, wet dumpster. It kind of smelled like it too. The Christmas tree farms had been burning slash right before laying down a few thousand gallons of Crossbow. Damp soot, broadleaf herbicide, Gray skies. Just depressing. But I was riding a new bike; a 2014 Salsa Spearfish! So who cares? It might as well have been raining unicorns and circus peanuts. It's the first new bicycle I've purchased in 26 years. I'm pleased to report that the "new bike feeling" I, and every other kid experienced getting one for Christmas or a birthday, has not diminished over those years. And just like I did 26 years ago, I'm going to tell everyone about it whether they care or not because ITS A NEW BIKE and seriously, I just don't get

Pedestrian Life

Carolyn and I were looking out the living room window yesterday. We were watching El Niño. At least, we were watching it as much as anyone can watch a complicated seasonal weather event triggered by changes in ocean temperatures thousands of miles away. I'm sure it does no good to anthropomorphize the weather. Still, the amount of water coming down reminded me of teams dumping a large cooler of Gatorade on a coach after a Super Bowl win so I took some comfort in seeing the weather as some guy who just showed up with an unbelievable amount of water and wind and a need to celebrate. We were trying to think of something to do. None of our cats have hats and even if they did, we've kind of aged out of the Dr Seuss demographic's measure of fun. We drew a total blank. In a way it was a relief. Sort of "Oh, you feel that way too. Thank God, I thought it was just me!" So our inability to figure out something interesting to do on one of the rare weekends when we have two