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Everybody in the Pool!

As a tribute to Carin, a bunch of us are going to do a sprint triathlon in April - the unfortunately named " Beaver Freezer ". She and her mom did this race in the past. It's put on by the OSU triathlon club, the club she was riding with when she died. It's a fitting tribute. In that fog of loss and despair, this seemed like a reasonable thing to commit to. When I say "reasonable" I'm victim of an anchoring effect. Sprints are shorter versions of the classic "Ironman" triathlons. Full triathlons are composed of a 3 mile swim, a 100 mile bike ride and, oh yes, a full 26 mile marathon. By contrast, sprints are a much less bat shit crazy 500 yard swim, 12 mile bike ride and 5k run. So by that comparison, yes, it's reasonable. But compared to sitting on the couch and catching up on "Dr Who",  it's still on the bat shit crazy side of life's balance sheet. The biking part I've got dialed. The running I'll need to w