Incontinence Part III

...And then I lost bladder control. A little. They warned me this might happen. I think after the catheter was out, my muscles, once encouraged to get back to work, stayed in clench mode for the better part of a week. When they finally began to relax, some weakness began to manifest itself when sneezing or coughing.

That was a week ago. Since then, I've become something of an expert on male pads. Thanks to some good advice from one of Carolyn's coworkers who went through this last year, I've learned that the Serenity brand of pads for men seems to be the best. The Depend diapers certainly did the job, but were overkill for the small amount of leakage I seem to be suffering. If I was looking at a weekend pub crawl or a cross country stalker drive, I might consider them. Carolyn bought me a package of "Prevail" brand male pads. They worked just fine too. My only complaints were they were a bit bulky and the name made it sound like I was fighting a protracted trench war in my pants. The Serenity pads I can actually forget about.

I did learn, the hard way, that when you are wearing these things and have to urinate, you really need to undo the belt, unbutton the fly and pull everything out of the way and put it all back together after you're finished. If you just unzip and rezip, the pad folds over in the front and does no good at all. The only thing more embarrassing than wetting yourself is wetting yourself when you have a pad in and missing it.


MightyToyCannon said…
Jonathan, thank you for continuing to share the most intimate details of your recovery. I wonder what it be like to work on the branding and advertising campaign for incontinence projects? Here are a few brand name suggestions off the top of my head: Aplombs; AstroPads; Equibreeze; Assuro-Rest; Resoluto-Pad; Dominators; Conti-Holds; Securi-Briefs; Absorbo-Free; UroloAid; MascuPad; Flexotoughs; X-Treme ContiPad; Man-i-Pads; TestostoBriefs; Ballz-Out Briefs; Linebackers; No-Seepums; Sang Froids; Confi-sorb; Freedom Pants.

Miko said…
I hope that these pads can help men understand what women have to wear every month. Though some of us choose the insert rather than the diaper. I can only imagine what a pad is like for a man...I'm glad you don't need a diaper anymore!

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