Ask Me About Erectile Dysfunction!

I have to go into some detail about the inner workings of male genitalia so if you're squeamish about such things, you should read on because without such things, none of us would be here and you should just get over it.

The prostate creates ejaculate which is what the sperm travels in as it makes its merry way toward an awaiting egg, an empty womb, or the ceiling. If you remove the prostate, no more ejaculate. It's still possible to have an orgasm, but it's dry. Removing the prostate, however, is not simple and there's a high possibility that the nerves that control erection can be damaged, leaving the patient unable to have as much fun as he had prior to surgery.

This is apparently a source of enormous anxiety to a lot of men. So much so that my doctor sort of skipped over that last paragraph, muttered something about loss of bladder control and possible problems with erections but there were a lot of things that could be done to help with that including a variety of shims, and inserts - I had to interrupt him to explain that my wife has been post-menopausal for several years and our sex life has been tapering off and we have lots of other ways to be intimate, so I wasn't really concerned about this and would he please back up to that bit about loss of bladder control - but he was on a roll and continued about inflatable implants as well as specialists that can help with this. At this point I'm laughing, I'm actually laughing at the guy whose telling me my sex life as I know it is ending, but all I can think of is the first Austin Powers movie with the Swedish penis enlarger.

It took forever to get him back on topic. He really wanted to reassure me that there were alternatives and I shouldn't worry. The last important bit of information he gave was that nothing would be done for at least eight weeks, so I could recover from the biopsy. So we had some time to think. We left the office and met Anne and Vincent over at Nicks. We ordered a couple glasses of prosecco and toasted the gland formerly known as my prostate. The next day we headed off to Ashland for the Spring Thaw bike race and some family time with my sister.


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