Horning's Hustle while you wait

My visit with the urologist was April 1st and the biopsy was scheduled for May 4th. So I had a month to kill waiting for "Probing Day". April 5th was Horning's Hustle, a multilap mountain bike race up in North Plains. I don't really care for short course events but this one would be fun to watch and poor Carolyn has spent quite a few hours standing around in parking lots waiting for me to come back from a long out and back course so it seemed like it would be fun for a change. As an added bonus, our friends Anne and Vincent came out to watch so I had a small entourage to cheer me on.

I wish I could say I decimated the field but I'm afraid the opposite was true. There wasn't a huge amount of climbing, or mud or anything, really. But I just couldn't find a pace I could build on. Never seemed to recover from even short climbs. Finished 15th out of 25 in my age bracket. Meh. It was a lovely sunny day and the company was great. Free beer at the finish too, so I couldn't say it was a bad day. Carolyn told Anne and Vincent about the cancer and the pending biopsy. Vincent pulled me aside and warned me that "the biopsy really hurts!" Subsequently, several other people had the same thing to say. Now, I'm the sort of person who would just as soon live in denial and be unpleasantly surprised by pain so I can suffer through it without the runup of dread but I suppose I was going to find out sooner or later. I decided the best course of action was to inflict more pain on myself ahead of the biopsy so it wouldn't seem so bad. Signed up for the Peak Sports Mudslinger race on May 3rd as a distraction. That should hurt.


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