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Final Results

The race couldn't have gone better. I beat my sister by 7 minutes, finishing 18th out of 61 riders and 7th in my age bracket. I came in 58:21 so I broke an hour, my personal goal. Mallory beat my time last year by 5 minutes so she beat her personal goal and Joe finished 5th in his category which made him grumpy but there was free beer after the race so he couldn't be unhappy for long. We spent a lazy afternoon in the park soaking up the sun and catching the odd piece of swag thrown our way. Didn't win anything big in the raffle. Maddie got a huge bucket of Heed energy drink and a Jones Bicycles t-shirt.

The evening was spent gathering morels and barbecuing steaks for dinner. It ended with Mallory and Joe asleep and Carolyn, Maddie and I sprawled on the sofa watching "Hot Fuzz". The perfect family vacation.

Before heading north, we spent some time sitting on the porch talking about my treatment. After some discussion to check my logic, I was ready to make the call. I decided to go ahead with the radical prostatectomy. I also decided to ask my doctor to see if Dr Lowe the senior surgeon on the staff would perform the procedure. My instinct was to go with the younger surgeon on staff and get more personal attention. On reflection, I wanted the surgeon with the most experience. I don't plan on this being a long term relationship.


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