The Book of Cancer

I pulled up to the gate on our driveway Friday night and found this huge yellow envelope dropped in the driveway. Upon opening it, I found a three ring binder that said "Legacy Cancer Services" in huge letters on the front and spine. Apparently, when you get cancer, you also get one of these binders, sort of like the "Book of the Dead" in Beetlejuice. It takes a kind of big brush approach to cancer lumping prostate, breast, lung, brain and skin cancer together to provide an overview of resources for dealing with your disease. There were some informative pamphlets on prostate cancer stuck in the outer sleeves.

It's a disturbing book. I'm sure there's good intention behind sending it but that intention is buried in the overall weirdness of finding this, unanounced and unexpected, laying in my driveway. Who sent this? It's like being in the book of the month club from Hell. Can't wait for next month's selection.


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