So I popped the laxatives around 2pm and they seemed to work their magic by around 4. Then they worked some more magic around 4:30. More Magic at 5 at which point I figured "There can't be anything left! Let's go for a walk." I really didn't understand that I was only one hour into a 6 hour continual bowel movement.

REI has very clean restrooms. That was our first stop. Why I didn't pack it in and head back to the loft is anyone's guess. "Oh no, it has to be over now. Let's head up to city market and get some fancy cheese to celebrate my recovery".

City market's restroom was not quite as sparkly as REI's, but at least it was private and it was there. By now we're a mile from home and just a few blocks from Trader Joe's. We needed to buy a bar of antibacterial soap as part of our hospital imposed nightly hygene. Off we went.

Trader Joe's had an ok restroom but no soap. By now I had figured out that this walk was a really, really, stupid idea. We headed back to the loft as fast as I could walk while still trying to hold back what is turning out to be an amazing amount of human waste. I'm going to owe Anne several rolls of toilet paper.


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